1 I become restless during sitting activities
2 My head tends to be swarming with thoughts
3 My attention is easy to distract
4 I act first and then think later
5 It is difficult for me to fill in forms correctly
6 I tend to interrupt others
7 I tend to shop and buy things unthinkingly
8 I drive dangerously
9 I easily get depressed if something doesn't work out
10 I'm often excited and animated
11 I tend to have mood changes even for no reason
12 I am incapable of organized time scheduling
13 I tend to turn to new tasks even before having finished one
14 My desk is always in disorder
15 I easily confuse right and left
16 I cannot manage time; I'm always late
17 Being distracted makes my studies or work much more difficult
18 I am prone to bursts of anger
19 I am strong-willed and obstinate
20 My relationships are stormy and unstable
21 My way of life is haphazard and irregular
22 My performance is uneven
23 I have low self-esteem
24 I forget a lot of things
25 My performance is not up to my abilities
26 It is difficult for me to find a suitable job
27 I have a lot of conflicts with people
28 It is difficult for me to take and deliver messages accurately
29 I easily get lost in a strange place
30 It is difficult for me to remember 2-3 instructions simultaneously
31 I find it difficult to pronounce longer unknown words
32 When I'm reading a book, it takes me far too long to read a pageĀ 
33 Sometimes I find it hard to recall even simple, everyday words
34 I often don't understand what I hear right away
35 Following conversations is difficult for me
36 My handwriting is difficult to read
37 I tend to mix up dates or times
38 I tend to mix up number sequences (e.g., in dialling a phone number)
39 It is difficult for me to learn a foreign language
40 I tend to mix up bus numbers, such as 95 and 59
41 It is difficult for me to do mental arithmetic
42 My handwriting gets worse if someone is watching me write
43 It is difficult for me to tell which month follows or precedes a given month
44 I would read a longer passage in a book and not know what I have read
45 I often lose the line when reading
46 I often mix up letters when writing
47 There are days when I am almost completely unable to concentrate
48 It is difficult for me to learn something by heart


        No sign of problem Mild level of problem Significant problem
A : -----> 30-95 96-115 116-150
H : -----> 50-150 151-200 200-250
D : -----> 22-50 51-75 76-110
SLD : -----> 32-80 81-100 101-160